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Blogathon 2009 – City Application Idea: Civic Mythbusters

I’m dreaming of something akin to a Civic Mythbusters website. Everyone’s got an urban legend or generalization that’s been passed around so often, it might as well be fact for the way people talk about it. But when the data to actually really truly verify the validity of a claim is made available and the analysis possible, well, why not do it?

Blogathon 2009 – Where Strangers Become Neighbours, Giovanni Attili and Leonie Sandercock

Review of academic book about the unique process for setting the stage for cultural diversity in Vancouver, on a public policy level, with focus on transformative change and storytelling.

Blogathon 2009 – Vancouver is not serious about rail

Guest post from Richard Eriksson discussing his thoughts on the future of rail infrastructure in Vancouver.

Blogathon 2009 – Unintended Uses: Bike Polo (!) (?) at Sunset Beach

We’d heard rumours, but never actually seen people playing bike polo. Bike polo! We passed by them at Sunset Beach one day.

Blogathon 2009 – Why support public space?

When I look down the list of non-profits that Blogathoners are raising money for, I notice a lot of awfully worthy causes, involving animals, children, groups providing support to people with a whole range of medical conditions and challenges, education, crisis support, the environment, war veterans… at times, I question the nobility of the cause […]

4 days to Blogathon – Peer Support!

Phewf! The clock is ticking….4 days to Blogathon, which means 4 days to drum up good outlines on the posts I’ll be writing. The race is on, in addition to promoting it! Firstly, thanks so much to Daniel Quinn for being my latest Blogathon Sponsor! Remember, if you sponsor me, you can be entered into […]

Thinking about Master’s Research while in Toronto

I’m only now starting to remember that great ideas go to e-mail to die, so for once I’m going to blog what started off as an e-mail. I’m in Toronto until Tuesday evening, and it only occurred to me now, after some great conversations with the ever-awesome Sacha, that there are some excellent folks in […]

(More) On Open Data, Open Standards and Vancouver City Staff

Last week, I met with Jackie Wong from the West Ender to talk a bit about my thinking on open data, open standards and City Staff. We touched on a wide variety of topics — the impact of the motion and technology in general on non-profits, my thoughts on how well City Staff would glom […]

Vancouver and Toronto Personal Growth Models: A Theory

Having lived for a little bit of time in Toronto as an adult, and more time in Vancouver (but an equal amount as an assertive, aware, reflecting adult), I’ve noticed some key differences in the way things get done in each place. I have shared my observations with some others who have spent time in […]

Vancouver, verse-dreaming and architecture

The book A Verse Map of Vancouver launched on Tuesday, at the Vancouver Public Library. It was edited by Vancouver’s poet laureate, George McWhirter, accentuated with photography by Derek von Essen and published by local publisher Anvil Press. When I am done cuddling with it in bed, it will live on my bookshelf, an appropriate […]