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Blogathon 2009 – Vancouver is not serious about rail

Guest post from Richard Eriksson discussing his thoughts on the future of rail infrastructure in Vancouver.

Improved SkyTrain service on the horizon

Yesterday, Richard and I were fortunate enough to get a sneak-peek at the new Mark II SkyTrains – Mark II version 2.0, if you will, where Mark II version 1.0 are those curvy white trains that made their debut with the Millenium Line. The new ones have similar colouring both on the inside and the […]

Personal Rapid Iterative Design: Reflection on SkyTrain Unconference

The idea of public rapid iterative design on myself is very tempting. It basically looks like this: State what you think you’re about. Do something that changes your mind. State how this has changed what you think you’re about. Do it again. I watched one of my favorite people in the world do it over […]