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#PlannersTweet: Learning how planning and planners use(s) Twitter

Inspired by my friend Raul Pacheco-Vega’s recent use of Twitter to encourage scholars to talk about their research, I’d like to get planning researchers and practitioners talking a little bit about what they get from using Twitter. There’s always been a lot of misperceptions — that Twitter is only for reading headlines, sharing what you […]

A little more about #myresearch

#myresearch looks at how planning orgs have used & understand Twitter for public engagement on sustainability issues. Here’s a little more on what that research is looking at, why I chose Twitter, and what I hope to get out of this research.

Doing vs Reflecting – thoughts on academia and the subtle art of change

A bit of a rant. I’m in the process of putting together a proposal for an internship. It’s a super-exciting project, one that’s sure to stretch me at least a little bit. It’s been in a bit of a limbo as my digital film class, work, papers and so many other opportunities too good to […]

On reasons to quantify

Math and Me, a Love-Hate story I have a love-hate relationship with math. I stopped doing my homework for Kumon, the rote-practice math enrichment tutoring service, in grade 5, unbeknownst to my poor parents forking over the equivalent of my allowance every month to hard-working student markers flipping through blank worksheets. My grade 12 math […]