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Refining the concept of Busker Idol

Michelle left a really insightful comment regarding Busker Idol just now – so insightful, in fact, that I’m going to reproduce the comment here and make my response to Michelle in this blog post: I think the idea is not good – why make it a contest? Buskers are all friends with one another, they […]

Ending Gang Violence in Metro Vancouver – Rally on February 22nd

Sometime when I was in high school – it completely eludes me as to precisely when – I was shown a video about gangs. It looked like it had been made in the early ’90s, and it told the story of a young man who was having trouble connecting and fitting in at school, who […]

Busker Idol needs your help!

“Busker Idol,” you ask? Yes. Busker Idol. (!!!) Busker Idol is my working title / codename for an idea I’ve had for at least two years, that I’ve started to flesh out and test a little more earnestly in the past little while. Where did this come from? The basic idea is the intersection of […]