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Hong Kong Heritage, and Upcoming Lecture on “The Urbanism of Ambition”

I’ve got a little bit of Hong Kong and China on the brain right now: I discovered skimming feeds in my reader today that Metro Babel posted a four-part series reviewing a previous SFU City lecture on heritage building preservation in that-other-city-in-my-heart, Hong Kong. (Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and a round-up of conservation practices […]


My recent trip to Hong Kong/Macau/Thailand was the first time in a long time I’ve had a chance to indulge my typically dormant shutterbug. I attribute it to two things: Having recently developed a bit of an eye for the curious world of urban design, transportation and city planning; and Having a really, really excellent […]

Post on lecture at Change Everything

Quick note (I suppose this is the sort of thing FriendFeed would help fix if I really cared about making this sort of thing easy for people): the Buddhism lecture that I tweeted about last week has turned into a full-fledged post at ChangeEverything.

Web Wednesday canoodling

Napoleon Biggs and Chris Justice during the sofa interview portion of the evening. I decided to take a “work” (if you can call it work) day in the dwindling days of my time here in Hong Kong by attending the monthly Web Wednesday social-mixer-type last night. Thanks to Napoleon Biggs, the organizer, and everyone I […]

Coming to a home

So that we can buy ourselves1 It struck me yesterday that I’ve spent more time in malls this past week than I have in the preceding three months. In one way, that’s to be expected – I’m not here working, so I’m not terribly occupied with more pressing activities – and in another it’s deeply […]

Life (events) in rapid succession

Things seem to happen in threes. The past week, I’ve been a fairly major participant in three major life all occurring in very rapid succession. It’s enough to make me dramatic about the big things – though that’s not exactly out of character for me anyway. It has a certain way of giving everything a […]

Hong Kong, run-on Day 1 and 2

We landed in Hong Kong in the evening, around 8. Our place is a short commute from the airport, befitting my dad, a lifetime airport employee (first at the site at Kai Tak, now part-time at the reclaimed island of Chek Lap Kok). We had just enough energy to unpack and eat dinner before succumbing […]