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Lightning Talk at Open Gov West BC — Open government and Urban Planning

I received the happy news that I will be doing a lightning talk about Open Government BC on November 10th. I’m happy to put what I’ve been learning and thinking about open government in front of people whose work, activities and perspectives I am deeply indebted to, and I hope I’m able to meet some […]

Data in cities: It’s a [Good, Bad] Thing

Via IBM’s Smarter Cities Tumblr, I stumbled across this summary from the Sustainable Cities Collective of an interesting event that happened recently — a panel discussion taking place at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London about data in cities. The panelists were Usman Haque, Susannah Hagan, Rachel Armstrong, and Juliet Davis — who […]

TransportCamp: rapid-fire impressions

Not being at the opening circle is a HUGE set-back when it’s a new crowd. I clearly need to polish up on my how to have the “what is social media?” conversation; but under the circumstances, especially with such a thoughtful bunch, I think the group facilitated itself quite well. A couple of weeks ago […]

Blogathon 2009 – On Blogging as Generosity

It seems that many of us live in digital abundance – we have too many things to read, absorb, learn about, do, and we seem perpetually starved or longing for time to be. On the flip side, there are also people in my life who have an abundance of time and a paucity of passion for what they are doing. Perhaps this demands a new kind of generosity.

Refining the concept of Busker Idol

Michelle left a really insightful comment regarding Busker Idol just now – so insightful, in fact, that I’m going to reproduce the comment here and make my response to Michelle in this blog post: I think the idea is not good – why make it a contest? Buskers are all friends with one another, they […]

Busker Idol needs your help!

“Busker Idol,” you ask? Yes. Busker Idol. (!!!) Busker Idol is my working title / codename for an idea I’ve had for at least two years, that I’ve started to flesh out and test a little more earnestly in the past little while. Where did this come from? The basic idea is the intersection of […]