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Blogathon 2009 – WorkSpace, Co-Working and Changing Nature of Work(spaces) [videoblog]

As part of Blogathon, this video blog sees me talking about co-working, “third places” and definition of space through the availability of wifi.

4 days to Blogathon – Peer Support!

Phewf! The clock is ticking….4 days to Blogathon, which means 4 days to drum up good outlines on the posts I’ll be writing. The race is on, in addition to promoting it! Firstly, thanks so much to Daniel Quinn for being my latest Blogathon Sponsor! Remember, if you sponsor me, you can be entered into […]

What does 24 Hours of blogging look like? Rules for My Blogathon

When I ask myself what 24 straight hours of blogging looks like, admittedly, my immediate vision is somewhat grim: I see myself hunched over the laptop keyboard, twitchy from being overcaffienated, bags under my eyes. The words are starting to blur and the impetus to publish takes precedent over quality, coherence, and relevance. As the […]