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Category Archives: the Martha Me

Mostly cooking or home-related. I might talk about my roommates too.

Re-purposing Northern Voice Swag

Ever since I got back from Toronto, where I dropped a rather uncharacteristic amount of money on gorgeous clothes at Preloved‘s warehouse sale (who re-use clothes from thrift stores in funky and awesome, hand-cut ways), I’ve had my eyes peeled for what I can do with the fabric in my life. When Richard started culling […]

VIFF – Cooking as Orchestration as Living

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of heading over to the Ridge Theatre on Arbutus to watch How to Cook Your Life, a fun, serene documentary looking at the intersections of Zen Buddhism and cooking. I haven’t been to The Ridge for a good long while, so their renovations were a pleasant surprise – you mean […]

Food is love

I have a friend, Mia, on Livejournal, who blogs about food all the time. I think I am going to have my one post that just talks about food to make up for all this time I haven’t talked about it. I have no pictures to share, alas, although Richard might have some from meals […]

What a September

Wow, is it the last week of September already? Time flies when you’re… doing anything but watching the time? Though I have been doing a lot of that too.

Easy, stinky soup

Instead of telling you a fun story and linking-dropping a storm about Social Tech Brewing’s June event, I unfortunately have to report that I skipped off work early to buy groceries and cook myself soup in order to try and fight off the sore throat that’s been bugging me since yesterday. It’s made up of […]

Soya sauce chicken

I’m not turning into a foodie by any means, but I just made something that gets my super-yum designation: soya chicken. A Chinese classic that’s hard to screw up, admittedly, but you never know when it’s me cooking meat. I put a few twists in it that made it a bit interesting: I stuck rice […]