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Doing vs Reflecting – thoughts on academia and the subtle art of change

A bit of a rant. I’m in the process of putting together a proposal for an internship. It’s a super-exciting project, one that’s sure to stretch me at least a little bit. It’s been in a bit of a limbo as my digital film class, work, papers and so many other opportunities too good to […]

Planning in the Age of Participation — presentation at SCARP 2010 Student Symposium on Resilience

Some reflections and thoughts on my presentation on “Planning in the Age of Participation,” my presentation at the 2010 SCARP Symposium on Resilience.

Canadian Association of Planning Students 2010 Conference at University of Guelph

Phewf! Between all the running around with the start of the second semester of school, the first month of the year is already week-old history, and I’ve just wrapped up one of the major milestones for this year: the Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS-ACEAU) annual conference at the University of Guelph, hosted by students of […]

Farewell 2009; Salut 2010

2009 has gone and 2010 has come. Good time to collect my reflections on the high and low points, for travel, career, health, projects, skills, all setting the stage for what’s on the horizon for 2010.

Re-imagining Britannia Community Centre and surrounding neighbourhood

Live on The Drive? Hung out there? Ever walk its streets and think, “This place is perfect! NEVER CHANGE!” Or, conversely, “Gawds, this place is awful, won’t someone please do something about it?” (Doubtful, but just covering the bases…) This range of reactions is exactly what me and my class have been going through, every […]

Learning the UBC ropes through UBCevents

I’ve hinted here or there at what my latest gig is — on top of being a Master’s student, that is — and I’m now happy to be able to announce it because, after a few delays, my team and I were (finally!) able to launch our blog today. Since mid-August, I have been working […]

Milestone: first conference proposal submitted

I’ve been jokingly referring on Twitter to my self-imposed “Scholar Frosh” — re-habituating myself to the demands of academic life in order to mentally prepare myself for starting my master’s program. Today is a small milestone: I submitted my first proposal to a peer-reviewed conference. Its proceedings will be published online. I had two people […]