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Related to the site’s existence as a blog, a thing on the Internet, etc.

This Blog is for Tracking the Flux

Wherein I angst about writing, this blog, my future job prospects, and the value of failure.

What does 24 Hours of blogging look like? Rules for My Blogathon

When I ask myself what 24 straight hours of blogging looks like, admittedly, my immediate vision is somewhat grim: I see myself hunched over the laptop keyboard, twitchy from being overcaffienated, bags under my eyes. The words are starting to blur and the impetus to publish takes precedent over quality, coherence, and relevance. As the […]

Transit Writing at TransLinked.com

I’ve started posting about transit over at TransLinked.com. It seems to be working a bit better than my attempts to write commentary and analysis on transit to this blog, for some hazy ill-defined reasons regarding the association of this blog with my online self-identity, and — perhaps more plausibly — the small size of the […]

My very own Open Manifesto

Mean what you say even if you fall short of what you proclaim. – Open Manifesto Everything I write is an accurate reflection of how I felt at the time. – Richard I strive… to mean what I say. to mean compassionately. to make my meanings unambiguous. to share, author and revise my opinions, the […]

Spam goes ironic

I just deleted a piece of spam, from “Kim” which consisted of, “Looks like your site was heavily hit by spam.” Her homepage link was to someplace sketch. Has spam finally gone ironic? Someone started spamming my trackbacks so I’ve had to disable that; then again, Trackback’s supposed to be dead anyway. I have the […]

The state of being public and my triumphant return to blogging

After a little more than a month in Toronto, I’ve finally secured Internet access at my home. I am information poor no longer! I’m looking forward to being able to spend some more time working on this blog and its accompanying website, though my ability to pursue those activities hinge on whether I’ll be allowed […]