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Media that know they’re media.


My recent trip to Hong Kong/Macau/Thailand was the first time in a long time I’ve had a chance to indulge my typically dormant shutterbug. I attribute it to two things: Having recently developed a bit of an eye for the curious world of urban design, transportation and city planning; and Having a really, really excellent […]

Life (events) in rapid succession

Things seem to happen in threes. The past week, I’ve been a fairly major participant in three major life all occurring in very rapid succession. It’s enough to make me dramatic about the big things – though that’s not exactly out of character for me anyway. It has a certain way of giving everything a […]

Hong Kong, run-on Day 1 and 2

We landed in Hong Kong in the evening, around 8. Our place is a short commute from the airport, befitting my dad, a lifetime airport employee (first at the site at Kai Tak, now part-time at the reclaimed island of Chek Lap Kok). We had just enough energy to unpack and eat dinner before succumbing […]

NFB Mediatheque

The NFB Mediatheque is quickly becoming a Toronto tradition for me. Today was my fourth time visiting, and it never fails to disappoint. Where else can you literally get lost in over 60 years of cinematic history, ranging in genre from documentary to animation to news reporting to experimental art films, for the princely sum […]

Launch Party 3

I’m very, very late to blogging this, but I definitely want to mention that I made it out to Launch Party 3 at the Lamplighter in Vancouver’s Gastown two weeks ago on January 25th. Richard and I have lain low for the first two, but when Maura from Strutta asked me to pop on by […]

Spark – TransitCamp discussion rescheduled

Just received word from Nora, the kind host of CBC’s Spark, that the Spark crew weren’t able to cut things together to include my interview in their February 6th show. It is only 27 minutes, after all. They’ll keep me in the loop if they’re able to use it for another show down the line. […]

The Tyranny of Technologists’ Good Intentions

I’m a fairly young buck at the whole technology game, and a bit of a strange one, I think. At times, I’m rather skittish with the new whiz-bang technologies – for instance, I’ve been completely unaffected by Apple fannishness, iPhone and OS alike; instead, I’m a proud Linux-Windows-Apple uber-switcher (though I know using Terminal in […]

On politics and relevance

It was bound to happen, and really, I’ve known this was on the horizon for a long time. Yesterday, I was confronted with it yet again. An unnamed someone, after hearing my description of TransitCamp, called what we’re trying to do irrelevant, saying that the time has passed for this kind of activity due to […]

VIFF – Cooking as Orchestration as Living

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of heading over to the Ridge Theatre on Arbutus to watch How to Cook Your Life, a fun, serene documentary looking at the intersections of Zen Buddhism and cooking. I haven’t been to The Ridge for a good long while, so their renovations were a pleasant surprise – you mean […]

Review of happenings: Cowboys and Samurais, Helvetica, Quasimodo

I’m going to procrastinate packing for my trip by giving some late mentions to some cool stuff I’ve done since August started: On a whim, I decided to invite a bunch of my friends to go see a the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre company’s production of Cowboys and Samurais. The play is kind of a […]