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Media that know they’re media.

Unpacking Uber’s role in the transportation system and policy

Smartphone-savvy taxi service Uber is the new transportation efficiency tool on the block. What’s the story for the taxis – and transportation system as a whole – that we already have?

Some thoughts on last night

We watched. We watched on TV. A camera perched somewhere high above the street showed us the scene at the Fanzone on Georgia Street. Wall-to-wall people. We’re glad we’re not there, we murmured. It was game 5 of the Stanley Playoffs, in Vancouver. I was at the Hurricane Grill in Yaletown — the first bar […]

Vancouver Hackathon and Adopt-A-Stop: The Idea

“Adopt-a-Stop” is our idea for a web and mobile-enabled application for community members to find and share information about the five-block radius around each bus stop. As the name alludes, the service will encourage and empower individual community members to garden and curate and take ownership of an individual Facebook-style page for each stop.

Support Sunny in telling diverse Canadian stories

Sunny is staging a fundraiser to get her to Toronto – it’s got a bit of a twist. She’s writing a screenplay called The Midnight Gardener and is releasing and writing a scene for every fifty ($50) dollars raised.

Blogathon 2009 – Golden Ears Bridge Opening in HD and Super-8

Videos from the Golden Ears Bridge opening celebration – shot in high-definition video and super-8 film.

Blogathon 2009 – Marpole Grows: Communicating Development Scenarios

Guest post from Farzine MacRae about the use of video in participatory design, with specific reference to a project done at SCARP in 2008 for the neighbourhood of Marpole.

(More) On Open Data, Open Standards and Vancouver City Staff

Last week, I met with Jackie Wong from the West Ender to talk a bit about my thinking on open data, open standards and City Staff. We touched on a wide variety of topics — the impact of the motion and technology in general on non-profits, my thoughts on how well City Staff would glom […]

Friends get media coverage!

It wasn’t until today, almost a week since it came out, that I got a chance to flip through last week’s issue of the Georgia Straight and to see that a whole whackload of people I know and respect, were practically in every major section in the first half of the paper! Pete Quily got […]

February events galore, past and future

Second month into the year, and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that it’s winter with all the events I’ve been out to these past two weeks! People are definitely movin’ and a-shakin’ here in our fair city to get things rolling for now and further out. Last week, I attended four meetings: Vancouver Public […]

Oh, Media – Breakfast Television tomorrow

As you might (or perhaps might not) expect of a student of Communication, media gives me swishy feelings. I got a few days head’s up for this, which is better than what I usually get. We hashed out the details this morning – tomorrow morning, I will be up bright and early to talk about […]