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The ‘Problem’ of Participation

Some gathering-of-thoughts for a paper that I am very excited to work on (and finish, because I’ve been excited to work on it for far, far too long!). In narrowing myself down from a paper topic, to a research question, to a problem, I find myself thinking about the “problem” of participation in planning. Like […]

Musings and reading on collaborative rationality in urban planning and civic projects

This is an extremely long post mashing together Beth Simone Noveck’s chapter on collaborative democracy with Judith Innes and David Booher’s recent book on collaborative rationality in planning called “Planning with Complexity,” mixed liberally with my own thoughts on community management in open source software. A lot of hand-waving, block quotes, and thinking out-loud.

Northern Voice 2010: From Tweets to Plans panel reflections

At this year’s Northern Voice, I was grateful to have been given the chance to moderate a panel, titled, “From Tweets to Plans: Online Conversations for Urban Planning.” I’d gotten the idea to do it from being invited to the SCARP Symposium by PlanningPool, where I found myself talking about blogging to urban planners, and […]

Municipal government correspondence on websites enables efficient sharing

Pete Quily directed me to a recent story in the Georgia Straight about West Vancouver’s opening up of Council Correspondence (this is their correspondence page for 2010) on their website. Charlie Smith, the author of the article, calls for all Metro Vancouver municipalities to follow suit, in making their interactions with everyone open and available. […]

My Northern Voice 2010 Itinerary

Northern Voice is just about upon us! As usual, the schedule is absolutely packed with unbelievable sessions…too many to choose from, even! I’m also interested to see how the dynamic changes as a result of there being no MooseCamp day and the fact that the Atrium will be programmed with the Social Media Buffet. It’s […]

Northern Voice 2010 Panel Preview — From Tweets to Plans: Online Conversation for Urban Planning

On May 7th, I’ll be moderating a panel bridging two worlds of practice that I think are going to be increasingly interested in each other: urban planning and online publishing.

Planning in the Age of Participation — presentation at SCARP 2010 Student Symposium on Resilience

Some reflections and thoughts on my presentation on “Planning in the Age of Participation,” my presentation at the 2010 SCARP Symposium on Resilience.

Canadian Association of Planning Students 2010 Conference at University of Guelph

Phewf! Between all the running around with the start of the second semester of school, the first month of the year is already week-old history, and I’ve just wrapped up one of the major milestones for this year: the Canadian Association of Planning Students (CAPS-ACEAU) annual conference at the University of Guelph, hosted by students of […]

Vancouver Hackathon and Adopt-A-Stop: The Idea

“Adopt-a-Stop” is our idea for a web and mobile-enabled application for community members to find and share information about the five-block radius around each bus stop. As the name alludes, the service will encourage and empower individual community members to garden and curate and take ownership of an individual Facebook-style page for each stop.