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Miscellany. Not that all things aren’t connected.

Almost into June: FCM, NetSquaredCamp 2013, and my podcast!

This weekend, the intrepid organizers behind the NetTuesday Vancouver meetup are holding NetSquaredCamp. I attended the one in 2012, as well as one way back in 2010, and rather enjoyed it. I’ve yet to identify what precisely I want to get out of the event this year, since I’m in the middle of bit of […]

Inclusive from the word ‘go’

Yesterday, at the Pecha Kucha Night ‘Green Your City’ edition, I had an interesting interaction that indicates a bit of where my thinking has started to go since returning from the Just Metropolis conference. I was talking to a friend about something I was sure she’d either be interested or know about. “It’s this event […]

Yakshaving Chronicles: Our Community Bikes

Our Community Bikes is a great concept. Conveniently located a quick 10 minute walk away from where I live between Fairview and Mount Pleasant here in Vancouver, it is essentially one-part bike parts recycler and seller, one-part bike tool sharing workshop, and one part roving bike maintenance skills class. Their model is essentially that they […]

CMHA’s Mental Health Week 2010

Reading Raul’s post over at Hummingbird604, I thought I’d take a quick moment to write in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association‘s Mental Health Week, happening May 3rd to 7th. It’s interesting that once we become aware of and acknowledge this aspect of our experience, we see the effects and impacts of mental health […]

Liveblog: Planning as a profession and the Canadian Institute of Planners

Today’s class is about the Canadian Institute of Planners and the significance of certification and the value of participating in the Canadian Institute of Planners generally. And I’m going to do a rare, rambling liveblog this because I think it is a central part of my interst in planning and I’m pretty passionate about helping […]

Learning the UBC ropes through UBCevents

I’ve hinted here or there at what my latest gig is — on top of being a Master’s student, that is — and I’m now happy to be able to announce it because, after a few delays, my team and I were (finally!) able to launch our blog today. Since mid-August, I have been working […]

Support Sunny in telling diverse Canadian stories

Sunny is staging a fundraiser to get her to Toronto – it’s got a bit of a twist. She’s writing a screenplay called The Midnight Gardener and is releasing and writing a scene for every fifty ($50) dollars raised.

Podcast Loving – Whisper House, Spacing Radio and Of Public Interest

A few months back, I commandeered Richard’s iPod mini so I could improve my podcast-listening experience away from my computer (podcasts and the iPod Shuffle…makes for a little too much indirection), and I thought I’d give a bit of love to ones I’ve been enjoying: Whisper House by Duncan Sheik. This is a three-part podcast […]

I’m Speaking at Mental Health Camp next week on Ethnic Communities and Mental Health

Well, how about that? The organizers of Mental Health Camp have accepted my proposal to speak on Ethnic Communities and Mental Health: Mental Health and Cultural Sensitivity – Services and Stigma in Vancouver’s Ethnic Communities A discussion about the stigma of mental health in ethnic communities, language-specific mental health resources in the Lower Mainland, and […]

Re-purposing Northern Voice Swag

Ever since I got back from Toronto, where I dropped a rather uncharacteristic amount of money on gorgeous clothes at Preloved‘s warehouse sale (who re-use clothes from thrift stores in funky and awesome, hand-cut ways), I’ve had my eyes peeled for what I can do with the fabric in my life. When Richard started culling […]