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Category Archives: Blogathon 2009 – Vancouver Public Space Network

All posts related to, included in, and leading up to, my participation in Blogathon 2009.

Blogathon 2009 – Illuminares Report

Guest blogger Roland Tanglao reporting on experience at (thunderstormy) Illuminares 2009.

Blogathon 2009 – True North Media House

Dave “Uncleweed” Olson has a fascinating vision behind the role of social media during Vancouver’s coming Olympic games in February, and he calls it True North Media House. The idea? To carve out a niche for independent media in this city during the games.

Blogathon 2009 – Vancouver is not serious about rail

Guest post from Richard Eriksson discussing his thoughts on the future of rail infrastructure in Vancouver.

Blogathon 2009 – TransLinked, the other white meat

In which I discuss some of the goals and aims of my tumblelog, TransLinked.

Blogathon 2009 – (Still blogging) From a Canada Line train

An audio post from inside the Canada Line train during the Open House for Vancouver City Centre station.

Blogathon 2009 – Architecture for Humanity (Vancouver)

Architecture for Humanity’s Vancouver Chapter has been shaking things up and living up to their name with various projects both past and on the horizon.

Blogathon 2009 – Super-8 Film: Last Days in Toronto, 2007

In 2007, as I was getting ready to leave my Toronto at the conclusion of my co-op term, I unwittingly decided to give shooting super-8 film a try. I bought a camera, a projector, and a device intended to transfer super-8 films to video for $60, bought about 8 super-8 cartridges, and acquainted myself with the details.

Blogathon 2009 – Later Comics

Later Comics are a daily dose of post-apocalyptic reflection. I highly recommend it.

Blogathon 2009 – Book Review: The Nature of Economies, Jane Jacobs

The Nature of Economies for Jane Jacobs is somewhat unusual. It brings together a number of fairly abstract ideas from development and sketches out similarities between biological and economic development. But she does so using a series of conversations and dialogues.