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Category Archives: Blogathon 2009 – Vancouver Public Space Network

All posts related to, included in, and leading up to, my participation in Blogathon 2009.

Thanks for your Blogathon support!

My 24 hour adventure of blogging for public space advocacy and education was a success! In the end, I raised $192 for the Vancouver Public Space Network, which I’m sure they will make into wonderful feats of merry and learning around the public realm. Thanks to my fellow Blogathoners, WorkSpace, and especially Miss604 and Raul […]

Blogathon 2009 – On Blogging as Generosity

It seems that many of us live in digital abundance – we have too many things to read, absorb, learn about, do, and we seem perpetually starved or longing for time to be. On the flip side, there are also people in my life who have an abundance of time and a paucity of passion for what they are doing. Perhaps this demands a new kind of generosity.

Blogathon 2009 – City Application Idea: Civic Mythbusters

I’m dreaming of something akin to a Civic Mythbusters website. Everyone’s got an urban legend or generalization that’s been passed around so often, it might as well be fact for the way people talk about it. But when the data to actually really truly verify the validity of a claim is made available and the analysis possible, well, why not do it?

Blogathon 2009 – The Open Planning Project

I could really see myself enjoying working at The Open Planning Project or a place quite like it, a services consultancy that convenes and cooks neat civic-minded applications and sites like Streetsblog.

Blogathon 2009 – Open Source Planning Meets Open Source Community Management

he future of urban planning is open source,” declares Erick Villagomez, founding editor of re:place magazine, in the title of a April 30th article in that same publication.

Blogathon 2009 – WorkSpace, Co-Working and Changing Nature of Work(spaces) [videoblog]

As part of Blogathon, this video blog sees me talking about co-working, “third places” and definition of space through the availability of wifi.

Blogathon 2009 – The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, past and present

Richard and I, in full transit-geekery, decided to watch the updated remake of The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, shortly followed after by a viewing of the 70’s original. Watching the two, it was striking to see the differences, which I saw as arising as interpretations of what the pressing issues of the time were.

Blogathon 2009 – Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories

Guest post from Jason Vanderhill on one-of-a-kind neighbourhood multimedia project in Vancouver’s Strathcona area, “Traces: Projecting Neighbourhood Stories.”

Blogathon 2009 – That Racist Troll Incident

In which Karen describes her encounter with a racist troll on YouTube.

Blogathon 2009 – Where Strangers Become Neighbours, Giovanni Attili and Leonie Sandercock

Review of academic book about the unique process for setting the stage for cultural diversity in Vancouver, on a public policy level, with focus on transformative change and storytelling.