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Afterwords #3: Stepping up with some referendum talk

Afterwords consists of footnotes, references and outtakes from my column contributions published in Metro News Vancouver. Read my January 27, 2015 column Why You Should Vote Yes on the Congestion Improvement Tax over at Metro News Vancouver.

Unlike the previous two columns, I wrote this one in relative isolation. It shows in two ways — firstly, in that I truly believe every last word of it and it represents my experience having grown up and made my life in Vancouver; and secondly, in that I’m genuinely uncertain and curious as to whether it speaks to others’ reasons for supporting or not supporting the coming plebiscite known as the transit referendum on the congestion improvement sales tax. I’ve long accepted that my column won’t see me making exhaustively thorough arguments I’m used to reading in academic or professional settings (or even some slick websites). Instead, it’s really all about points of light for me, and hoping I’m reflecting what some folks are thinking even as I’m putting what I think on the table.

That being said, I’m likely to revise it considerably for the version that I’ll eventually put on Medium, as I’ve received some really valuable and thoughtful feedback since submitting it for the Metro deadline — that is, if the rest of life doesn’t completely sideswipe me for the week.

This blog post is much more in keeping with my original intent for my column, which was to have my notes immediately available as further reading. But I’m also going to use this as a placeholder where I’ll add my comments on the column as the week goes on.

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