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Introduction to Open Data: video lecture for Technicity technology for urban planning course

I was asked by Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Tom Sanchez, the instructors of the Technicity online course on the future of technology and cities, to contribute a 15 minute video lecture on the topic of Open Data. The course formally starts on February 26th, in a couple days. My video will be incorporated into their materials on “Entrepreneurial Urbanism” in Week 4. Many thanks to them both for the opportunity to talk about what I find exciting about open data!

Check out the video:

Early on in the process of scripting what I wanted to say in the video video, I decided to make it an introduction rather than a deep dive, as the course is open to those without a technical background. I also settled on emphasizing the parts of open data activity that excite, interest and concern me the most as a urban planner as I think this is the perspective that is not yet very well articulated. In a few days, I’ll be sharing some lessons and takeaways from making this video on both the content side and with regards to producing it. In the meantime, I’d love to hear any comments or feedback you might have on it!

I have also made it available under a Creative Commons license, so if there are parts of this video you wish to incorporate into your own work on the topic, please feel free to do so.

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