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Almost into June: FCM, NetSquaredCamp 2013, and my podcast!

This weekend, the intrepid organizers behind the NetTuesday Vancouver meetup are holding NetSquaredCamp. I attended the one in 2012, as well as one way back in 2010, and rather enjoyed it. I’ve yet to identify what precisely I want to get out of the event this year, since I’m in the middle of bit of a pivot in my research and career. The deeper thinking is forthcoming on that.

More recently, I also found myself inspired by Trina Isakson‘s presentation at the monthly Net Tuesday meetup, entitled, “How individuals are using technology and data to support vulnerable populations.” I found that presentation to be right up my alley, considering new avenues for individuals (not organizations) to make a difference for people with various challenges beyond the garden variety giving and volunteering.

Thanks to the good folks at Net Tuesday, there is a video of Trina’s entire presentation, and Trina has also made her slidedeck available via the website for her consulting business, 27shift. Her presentation was really refreshing to me — I’ve been wading, waist-deep, in the policy side of many of the same questions and issues she has been asking through her research, only more from a social enterprise and research lens. I see a lot that is inspiring there with regards to my own interest in collaborative governance. Her work served as a perfect reminder that there are many more people trying to bridge the gaps that I’ve been fixated with, from a number of directions, perspectives and tools. (I’ve also been enjoying Trina’s blog.)

I’m also following along (mostly on Twitter) with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities‘ Annual Conference being held in Vancouver from May 30th to June 3rd. Judging by their program and the tweets (#fcmyvr) there are a lot of interesting conversations happening about the growing role of local government in taking the lead on the decisions that shape the sustainability of our cities. I will be attending the Youth Panel and Reception on Friday, May 31st (tomorrow) and am hoping to connect with folks on the topic of scenario planning in local government.

Youth Summit Podcast

June is going to bring ramping up my podcast! Thanks to Check Your Head, I was able to record some fantastic interviews with fellow delegates at the Leading The Way Youth Summit. I’ve been letting them stew in my head for a little while, but the real work — edit, scripting and recording intros, putting the final spit and polish — is going to be happening more in earnest in the next little while. The task I seem to be dreading the most is choosing the right podcast music. Maybe I just have to remember what my printing production teacher in high school used to say to us all: “Let’s get functional before we get fancy.”

While I’m talking about high school, a quick story on the small world front — my information technology teacher, who taught me and a class of grade 10 misfits BASIC in 2000, had a nice write-up in The Globe and Mail. That class in high school was certainly a fairly prominent geek milestone in my life. I’m glad to see Eric Hamber maintaining and broadening its rep as a geeky school. (I had also run into him and his family very randomly just two weeks before the story was published, hence the small worldness.)

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