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Me on Vancouver Transportation in Spacing Fall 2012 issue

Spacing Magazine cover image, Fall 2012 (National Edition)
TonightOn September 25th, the fine folks at Spacing Magazine will celebrated the launch of the latest issue of Spacing Magazine. As Spacing has done since last year, they publish one two national issues a year with contributions from cities across Canada. I am grateful that the editors extended to me an opportunity to contribute, alongside three other knowledgeable local movers and shakers, a brief piece about some of the strengths and challenges related to (in my case) Vancouver’s transportation system.

For those familiar with Vancouver, most of what I wrote will seem pretty obvious, as I was glossing over for a 200 word piece, but for the purposes of painting a picture for national audience, I hope it gives an effective summary of transportation now and in the near future. This was completed, of course, before TransLink started their draft base plan consultation for 2013, but much of what we have seen from that process further emphasizes the points I made in my Spacing piece (and in my post here last week) about the challenges we have for expanding (and in many cases, maintaining) high quality transit service throughout the region.

I’m hoping I’ll get to grab a copy soon to read the rest of it! Here’s a list of stores in Canada that carry Spacing if you want to get your hands on it as well.


  1. Matt Blackett

    We publish 2 national issues a year!

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  2. Thanks, corrected!

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