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Lightning Talk at Open Gov West BC — Open government and Urban Planning

I received the happy news that I will be doing a lightning talk about Open Government BC on November 10th. I’m happy to put what I’ve been learning and thinking about open government in front of people whose work, activities and perspectives I am deeply indebted to, and I hope I’m able to meet some people who resonate with what I’m interested in! I’ve also been volunteering where I can with the conference-organizing effort, so I am looking forward to being in Victoria.

I’m always fascinated by the experience of walking between conversations — who I am and what I tell you I think inevitably varies whether I am volunteering, talking to those working in Communication or learning from those with a planning perspective. Some words hold overlapping meanings — my Urban Governance class succeeded in blowing my mind with Iris Young’s The Ideal of Community even though I’ve been reading about it in different ways all over the place — and there’s much that looks similar but actually has very different foundations. The relevance of the idea of open government and open data very much have to do with what one’s experiences and preferences for “democracy” are. I’m interested to see conversations about open government move in this direction, and playing around with it through talking to people closer to the action.

I’m stoked to meet the challenge of talking about planning, development and cities, and open government! :)

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