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My Northern Voice 2010 Itinerary

Northern Voice is just about upon us! As usual, the schedule is absolutely packed with unbelievable sessions…too many to choose from, even!

I’m also interested to see how the dynamic changes as a result of there being no MooseCamp day and the fact that the Atrium will be programmed with the Social Media Buffet. It’s a great idea — a one-stop shop to talk to a bunch of people with a bunch of different perspective and skill sets, and gets those people in more one-on-one settings than presenting might. That said, I do like that it’s going on for a good 90 minutes, and not restricted to anything less. It makes it a little less intimidating… just a little…given that that’s all going on during the panel I’ll be moderating (!).

So, what’s in store for me during Northern Voice? Here’s a random sampling of sessions you can expect me to be at:

  • The Government 2.0 session
  • David Ng’s presentation about his work on “talking science.” I think it is key to being able to bring in practitioners and community members into any endeavor with an academic angle, and just making heady and important topics accessible. (That said, I do constantly need to remind myself that science and technology are two geekily separate and different things.)
  • Monica Hamburg and Dave Olson’s session on Finding Your Online Voice looks interesting, and they are both great at conveying their personalities online. I might have to poke my  head out to take a gander at the Teaching and Social Media session…or maybe I’ll be able to swap notes as I bet I will have some friends attending as well.
  • And the open web geek in me will probably drag me to Zak Greant‘s lightning talk on Mozilla Drumbeat, even though I’m sure the session on finding love online will be lots of fun.
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away from Nancy White‘s session on making things visible. She’s just so much fun at every session she leads. I will have to remember to bring my markers on Saturday.
  • I’m intrigued by Jeremy Osborn and Ajay Masala Puri’s session on Social Media and Social Justice…it has the glamourous time of last session of the second day, but I’m sure they’ll bring energy to power the rest of us through it!

That said, there is a heck of a lot of other cool stuff going on, so early shouts out to the audio and video team who will be making all of that accessible to those who cannot be in multiple places at once.

And last, but not least, I’m super-stoked to be moderating a panel on these topics that are so dear to me — blogging, urban planning and neighbourhood issues. I hope I’ll get to say hi to lots of you even if it doesn’t work out! I’ll be keeping track of any notes people take or post-conference conversation related to this topic at this page in the Northern Voice wiki and link to the videos when they are made available.

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