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Today, tomorrow, I am grateful

I have a huge chip on my shoulder about thanking people. It’s been a long and arduous journey (mostly having to do with my family) that I recall every battle scar for. I’m coming to the realization that this is a big problem, for which I currently lack the resources to get proper therapy for, so I’m just going to have to do this here, on my blog, until I get a little better at doing it elsewhere.

I’m grateful for the chances I get to connect with people. Whether through work, school, or whatever strange situations life puts me in, it makes me who I am, and I’m glad I get to be me, and I can only hope I give as much value to others in conversation as I know they give to me.

I’m grateful for the chance to do work to advance the things I believe in. I believe in listening. I believe in making things better together. I believe in living without diminishing the ability of those around me, or who come after me, to live themselves. I’m grateful to everybody who has supported me in order to give me this chance: my parents, my friends, their friends, the many generous people who have materialized this support in some way: a letter; a vote of confidence; a hug or some well-placed words during a hard time.

I’m grateful I’m able to get the things I find it hard to ask for, like really, really good feedback. I’m striving to learn how best to receive this, as well as to ask for it. My ability to improve is severely limited without help on triangulating the truth. Thanks to those who’ve got my back.

I’m grateful for the wisdom conveyed through life in so many strange and funny ways, and I’m grateful for the people, the ideas and the spirit that open my heart and mind to receive (or, as the case more often is, to observe) this wisdom.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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