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TransportCamp: dancing in the professional divide

A few days ago, an upcoming unconference known as TransportCamp came across my radar. It’s being organized by The Car Co-op (perhaps better known as the Co-operative Auto Network), and has a number of sponsors, such as VanCity, TransLink, The Cooperators (the insurance company), and BCAA. There is a $25 admission fee, and it’s happening Friday, October 30, all day at BCIT.

The theme for this unconference is:

How can transportation be a catalyst for building more vibrant communities in the Lower Mainland?

The Car Co-op is putting this on “in the spirit of” but not exactly like a BarCamp. I can see many benefits to their approach – for instance, many of those who will be attending (helpfully listed on the TransportCamp Eventbrite website) are those who I certainly approached and wanted to see at Vancouver TransitCamp in 2007. The more traditional event planning workflow has likely allowed those groups to commit to attending.

I hope the organizers will be putting some more material online ahead of the conference in order to give the rest of us some kind of idea of what kind of conversations we can expect to see at the event. I’ve e-mailed them to get some more information.

All the best to the organizers with their unconference and I hope to be able to make it!

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