One more Home Grow-In Grocer Update

Not that I want to be talking about my corner store all the time on this blog, as lovely a place as it is…but here’s a summary of some interesting developments. This’ll be it for the season, unless it’s more good news. ;)

  • The wicker chairs are back in front of the store. The chairs were sold to a neighbour, who’s put them on the lawn that’s conveniently close to the store. This is a stop gap solution suggested by some customers who read up on the bylaw. Evidently the store is still in contravention of something, however, so we’ll have to see how long they can stick around for. It was nice to be able to sit down for our cones on Saturday before heading to the fireworks.
  • Deb, the owner, has been featured in a video on BCDailyBuzz, talking about the work she’s done with the Surrey Food Bank’s Gleaning Project:

    For those of you who don’t know about the program, the basic gist of it is:

    The Gleaning Project is a seasonal program which runs annually from June to the end of October. This project saves thousands of pounds of excess fruits and vegetables from being wasted on farms and backyard gardens, through the efforts of volunteers, and provides this produce to our low-income clients

    This sounds to me like a rural version of a program like the Quest Food Exchange in Vancouver – except instead of edible food waste from restaurants, it’s aiming straight from the source, at BC’s farms. Deb’s story, her dedication and her motivation are remarkable.

  • The store is also thanked by name on the sign at the closest community centre, about 5 blocks away from the store (see the full-size version of the picture for a better view. Thanks Richard for the rad iPhone 3GS on bike route action.)

It’s one thing to hear in theory that local stores circulate more wages to local residents and give back more to local causes…it’s another to see it in action. Is this more or less than what the neighbourhood IGA chain does with their fundraisers or with the jobs they provide? I have no way of gauging it, but it’s certainly got me thinking. I know for me and Richard personally, a trip to the corner store has been an easy way to get us out of the house and on our bikes or walking. At this time of the year, we haven’t needed too many excuses, but I anticipate that as more daily stress sets in and hibernation in the “computer cave” looks more tempting (say, when the rain starts), we’ll likely be very grateful to have some place close by, inviting, and where cars are not likely to splash us.

Update (4 Aug 2009): The Home Grow-in Grocer is also starting to sell produce from the UBC Farm! Thanks to the UBC Farm for linking to my previous post in their latest newsletter.

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