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4 days to Blogathon – Peer Support!

Phewf! The clock is ticking….4 days to Blogathon, which means 4 days to drum up good outlines on the posts I’ll be writing. The race is on, in addition to promoting it!

Firstly, thanks so much to Daniel Quinn for being my latest Blogathon Sponsor! Remember, if you sponsor me, you can be entered into a draw to win the Best of Straight 8 2006 DVD, from the British super-8 film competition, featuring several winning entries, all of which were edited solely in-camera and shot in a single take.

No schedule posts…*sad face*

Raincoaster pointed out to me, in a comment on my previous post, that scheduling posts is cheating according to the rules of the Blogathon. Well…Boo. OK, so that puts a bit of a kibosh on the plan to enjoy some public space while I’m blogging on Saturday. I guess I’ll have to come up with another plan. Fortunately, I do have a few guest posters lined up who have kindly offered to contribute content – perhaps they can take over while I’m out at the open house or at Illuminares.

Other Blogathons

With 4 days to go, everybody’s scrambling to prep for what I will now refer to as Sleepless Saturday. I’d like to highlight some of the efforts of other Blogathoners both here in Vancouver and elsewhere on the Intarwebs of the 191 blogs total that have signed up to participate:

  • First of all, Rebecca Bollwitt deserves another hand for securing us a lunch sponsor at WorkSpace! It is going to be Blogathon party central, and she will be blogging for the Developmental Disability Association Union Gospel Mission for the third year in a row. [Rebecca’s Blogathon page]
  • Beth Snow (her blog friends call her Dr.) is blogging to raise money for Options for Sexual Health, a great cause considering how risky it remains to have those particular set of reproductive organs, and how little most of us who have said parts are told about them. She also has the polar opposite of my rules about no whining or meta posts, which I find absolutely perfect. [Beth’s Blogathon page]
  • Ganga Narayanan is devoting his blog on project management, business analysis and decision making to raising money for the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. He’s posted a list of topics that he’s going to be blogging about. I’m tempted to do the same, but some of the posts are just too fun to let out of the bag just yet…I hope I’ll get to meet him on Blogathon day somehow. I’d never heard of his blog before and he’s writing on topics I’d like to learn more about. [Ganga’s Blogathon page]

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “She’s crazy, right? Doesn’t Karen know she’s competing with these people for pledges?” One of the great things I got to hear last month at Open Web Vancouver 2009 was Liza K talking about open source businesses, and the idea (which I know is not brand new) that, instead of fighting for a bigger piece of the pie with competitors, to focus the efforts on growing the pie, allowing everyone to benefit in addition to expanding what you get for yourself. All the Blogathoners have worthy causes and equally good reasons for supporting them each and wanting them to succeed. The pie, as it stands, is at over $15,000 USD for all the blogs on Blogathon.org. However much of that is or isn’t directly due to my efforts, I’m happy to be able to be a part of such a wonderful event and, and to be giving it my all.

I do hope you’ll please give a thought to sponsoring to help the Vancouver Public Space Network continue to do their advocacy work. Seabus and SkyTrain parties don’t just happen on their own, ya know! :) And unfortunately, neither do good, safe, open, and welcoming public spaces without all-seeing eyes… but that’s another post. ;)

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