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Blogathon 2009 – Tools of the Trade

Blogathon starts in 7 hours! I’m happy to say I have a third sponsor from one of my friends in high school. Thanks so much, you know who you are (and that you’re unspeakably awesome)! Please consider sponsoring or lending support to my cause, the Vancouver Public Space Network!

Blogging for 24 hours straight, once every half hour, is nothing to sneeze at. I know I’m going to need to be at the top of my game to do this – mentally, physically, and technologically. Here are some of the things I’ll be using to help me, starting with the part you’re probably most interested in: the technology.

Tech Tools for Blogathon

  • myBlogEdit – I’m anticipating this to be one of the most important tools for Blogathon. Why’s that? I’m running a Powerbook G4 with 2 GB of RAM running Mac OS X Tiger – not the spryest machine on the block. Even though Firefox 3.5 has been a bit of a revelation in its speed improvements, I’m still filled with fear of losing my blog posts, and the G4’s wireless card really leaves something to be desired when it comes down to just loading parts of the WordPress dashboard. So blogging off the desktop it is. It has a nice, tidy interface; forces me to write in HTML, where things tend to go faster when it comes to dropping in links. Hopefully, I’ll iron out the last few bugs involving my blog post tags, then the posts will flow…
  • emacs planner-muse – a brief uber-geek-out was inevitable. I’m still using Planner as a really quick way to keep my tasks in order. It’s also been a great place to keep outlines for my blog posts. Chances are good it will be my initial staging space for ideas, notes and links before I move them into full-fledged draft blog posts.
  • Flip MinoHD – Since I am planning on running around, some of my blog posts might be happening via video, just to shake up the formats a bit, and this camera – along with the smaller GorillaPod – are my tools of choice. It doesn’t stream video, but every episode of my videoblog TransLinked (we’re up to 3 now!) has been shot with it and the convenience of it never ceases to astound.
  • iPhone + WordPress – It’s still a bit of a mystery, how much I’ll end up using it to blog. There is a WordPress iPhone app, so it is definitely possible to go straight from the phone to the site. I just have no idea how much I’ll like the experience of blogging from the phone…that said, I’ve peered over Richard’s shoulder as he’s used it to take pictures, and I’m likely to not be relying on a DSLR for tomorrow, so as far as blogging with still pictures goes, chances are looking good.
  • Flickr and/or YouTube – I’ve been waffling on whether to use Flickr or YouTube for my videos…lately, I find my more edited videos have gone to YouTube, and my more “photo-like” long photos. But even some of my other videos, like my Main Street Summer Spaces video, I’ve preferred putting on Flickr. We’ll see which one prevails in the acid test for my HD Flip videos tomorrow…
  • Google Docs – This is where The List lives: this is the spreadsheet with all my blog post outlines. And it will be the closest thing I have to The Bible for Blogathon day.

Non-tech Coping Mechanisms for Blogathon

  • People – Yay people! I’m a partial extrovert, so one of the only reasons I thought I’d be able to do Blogathon at all was because there are so many others who are doing it as well. Richard certainly counts in this category, of course. My parenst have also been an inadvertent (and unknowing!) source of support, as have my friends and members of the Vancouver Public Space Network.
  • Music – I anticipate listening to a LOT of Duncan Sheik, Ivy and Eisley tomorrow.
  • Tea – I will be toting lemon ginger and chrysanthemum tea at WorkSpace tomorrow. They will make me a little sleepy, but they’ll also offset the ill effects of everything else I’m likely to consume.
  • Nothing – Tomorrow is going to be a stimulant-loaded day. I’ll be grateful to find some quiet moments to count my fingers and toes, to combat the occasional short-circuit feeling I get from the Internet.

Blogathoners, do you have any other tricks up your sleeve to get you through the day? Please share them with me, especially if you have had experiences with past Blogathons!

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