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Blogathon 2009 – On Blogging as Generosity

A friend e-mailed me a video of that spectacular sunset last night just before the fireworks that everyone could not stop talking about or taking pictures of, on the off chance I was not experiencing it. Of course, I was experiencing it at WorkSpace right by the rail yards with an incredible view of the inlet…but I didn’t tell him that. (You can download the video here if you are curious.)

I know on the one hand, he’s showing off the fact that his iPhone takes video. But it was also his way of pitching into my Blogathon, and I appreciated it. I am also decidedly curious about how we as social animals learn to negotiate the rules behind what to share, when it’s appropriate, and how much is just right.

People who over-share might seem, on the one hand, to be vulnerable to being taken advantage of, when it was sharing physical goods. But even when it came down to what could be held in hands, sharing was a way to curry loyalty. It became so central to our idea of how groups hung together. Now, it seems that many of us live in digital abundance – we have too many things to read, absorb, learn about, do, and we seem perpetually starved or longing for time to be. On the flip side, there are also people in my life who have an abundance of time and a paucity of passion for what they are doing.

In both cases, perhaps it is this that is the new generosity: not asking people to be what they are supposed to be, who we want them to be, but giving them space to be who they are – to help them remember that, and to meet them there before anything else.

As the bunch of bloggers are getting ready to wind down here at Blogathon, I want to remember what the blogging is for. Sure, it’s for remembering, it’s for showing off, it’s for sharing, conversation, it’s for all those things. But it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t lead to more time being more of what I want to be for the people in my life.

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