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Blogathon 2009 – Marpole Grows: Communicating Development Scenarios

Blogathon 2009 Vancouver for Vancouver Public Space NetworkThis blog post is part of Blogathon 2009, in which I am blogging for 24 hours straight in order to raise money for the Vancouver Public Space Network, an entirely volunteer-run organization who do advocacy and education on the public realm in my home of Vancouver, British Columbia. Please consider supporting by sponsoring me with a pledge, leaving a comment or contacting me to contribute a guest post.

This post been contributed for Blogathon by Farzine MacRae, who writes for Planning Pool, self-described as “a thought repository and incubator for all things relating to the planning field […] A multidisciplinary, multimedia-focused blog that focuses on activities generally related to urbanplanning and urban issues”, from current students at the School of Community and Regional Planning at The University of British Columbia.

As part of an on-going research project conducted by UBC urban design professor Maged Senbel, students in SCARP’s Digital Video and Planning course prepared a few short films on development issues facing the south Vancouver neighborhood of Marpole. This particular film, created by An Minh Vu, Silas Archambault and myself seeks to engage the community in a conversation about how they would like to see Marpole address inevitable development pressures, brought about by a new Skytrain station, among other things.

It was originally screened at a community meeting where students from other classes, mostly design, presented their own projects. Among these was an impressive scale-model of the area around the new station, as well as a series of 3D computer models. After each viewing each demonstration, community members were quizzed about how well they felt the efforts of the students informed them about the potential Marpole had for growth, and more importantly, how well these films and models succeeded in encouraging citizen participation in the planning process.

Anyway, here is what our group did:

Marpole Grows from Planning Pool on Vimeo.

This post was originally published on Planning Pool. Thanks, Farzine and the Planning Pool team, for helping out with Blogathon!

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