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Transit Writing at TransLinked.com

I’ve started posting about transit over at TransLinked.com. It seems to be working a bit better than my attempts to write commentary and analysis on transit to this blog, for some hazy ill-defined reasons regarding the association of this blog with my online self-identity, and — perhaps more plausibly — the small size of the Tumblr text entry box provoking me to be catchy rather than long-winded.

More than likely, it’s a poor marketing segmentation strategy, but I’m going to go with what works when it comes to wringing content out of the old knocker. I’m quite happy with what I’ve put out so far, the sort of balance between awesome-celebratory and kicking conceptual ass that really speaks to me. It’s also a mix of Vancouver inward-looking and worldly outside-looking. I’ll look to implementing some proper openID comments on it – Tumblr’s are typically about the wham and less the dialogic follow-up. (I just wish I could use something besides Disqus, I want to bask in the spam-free glow for a little while longer.)

Drop by, take a look, and tell me what you think! TransLinked does have an RSS feed as well, so subscribe if you’re not down with the skinny layout. My first big piece is a closer look at the net impact of TransLink’s decision to replace paper bus schedules at bus stops with instructions on using HandiMobility’s text messaging service.

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