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Improved SkyTrain service on the horizon

Yesterday, Richard and I were fortunate enough to get a sneak-peek at the new Mark II SkyTrains – Mark II version 2.0, if you will, where Mark II version 1.0 are those curvy white trains that made their debut with the Millenium Line. The new ones have similar colouring both on the inside and the outside to the new buses, as well as a number of new nifty features, like the lights to indicate when the doors are closing, the lit transit system maps that help orient you to where the train is and where it’s going; and, of particular interest to me having been exposed to issues of safety and security, the in-train surveillance cameras.

Thanks Bus Shots for sharing.

Flickr: Bus Shots

As I learned on my last tour of the Edmonds SkyTrain depot, these trains will allow SkyTrain to run trains more often – but surprisingly, still bring it to something like only half of SkyTrain’s full capacity.

I decided to give video a try while checking out the new train. Check out my video report (embedded below or on YouTube).

For something a little more rigorous, Jhenifer’s got a blog post up on the Buzzer about the trains as well.

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