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I’m Speaking at Mental Health Camp next week on Ethnic Communities and Mental Health

Well, how about that? The organizers of Mental Health Camp have accepted my proposal to speak on Ethnic Communities and Mental Health:

Mental Health and Cultural Sensitivity – Services and Stigma in Vancouver’s Ethnic Communities

A discussion about the stigma of mental health in ethnic communities, language-specific mental health resources in the Lower Mainland, and mental health services provided to non-English speakers and/or immigrants.

A UBC study looked at how likely doctors from the Chinese Canadian community were to diagnose mental illness, as well as breakdowns of usage of mental health services like counselling.

The discussion will also include the experience of counselling service providers with a focus on services in languages other than English, and whether online visibility through blogging and people sharing their experiences has helped more people to be aware of and/or access their services.

Putting my presentation together for this will definitely be a trip and a half, to say the least, but I will do my best to do the topic justice, and to provide something thoughtful for those attending to chew on.

As always, I’m curious to hear what others think and would love to get some leads on things to look into that are relevant to this topic.

  • Have you yourself or someone you’ve known had an experience receiving counselling in a language other than English?
  • Have you or someone you know been discouraged from or unwilling to see professional help, support or advice because of a stigma around mental health issues?

I’d love to get in touch to hear your story, and share my own reflections on it as well with you. Feel free to contact me at karen [at] counti8 [dot] ca, or leave a comment.

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