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Friends get media coverage!

It wasn’t until today, almost a week since it came out, that I got a chance to flip through last week’s issue of the Georgia Straight and to see that a whole whackload of people I know and respect, were practically in every major section in the first half of the paper!

  • Pete Quily got several quotes and a URL mention, in an article about his passion: ADD and adults, particularly how it can be underdiagnosed and how little attention is given to the strengths of people with the disorder. He’ll also be at Mental Health Camp this weekend; I’m looking forward to his session on “ADHD – Busting the myths, breaking the stigma, showing reality, one post and tweet at a time”.
  • Ifny Lachance was representing for Free Geek in their article on the environmental impacts of computers and how planned obsolescence of hardware is driven partially by proprietary software’s tactics of bigger-better-shinier. The Straight even got some phone time with RMS to talk free software as well.
  • Lara Honrado from Mango Communications was quoted on a piece about responses to the climate crisis, weighing in on something I know she’s quite passionate about: sustainability and ethnic diversity.
    “I’m trying to make the case for diversity within the environmental movement. I think if the environmental movement doesn’t seriously start to do that, then, at least in Canada, you’re just not going to connect with a lot of diverse Canadians, and that’s too large and important of a group not to engage with.”

  • Stephen Rees, transportation blogger and Green party candidate in Richmond East, got to put in his two cents in the Straight Talk section regarding the Gateway program and, more broadly, the Liberals’ record on the environment with regards to the Gateway program. Peripherally, The STraight has also since published an an online-only piece on Obama’s announcement of high-speed rail improvements to the corridor connecting Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. As someone who’s actually taken that Cascades Train that connects it now, all I can say is, please for Pete’s sake make it better because it is screamingly awful right now.

Seeing as the paper’s been out for almost a week, this is pretty slow with regards to timeliness. Still, it’s nice to see some friends getting traction for their awesome work.

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