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No Sew on the Northern Voice Pillows — *yet*

Alas, the Northern Voice Bloggable shirt pillows will not be available in time for silent auctioning at this year’s Northern Voice – my sewing machine skillz tripped me up on the one hand, and a cold made me less-than-effective.

And the truth is, I’d also rather have a good time with everyone at the pre-conference party tonight at Frederico’s then to re-enact a scene from a sweat-shop trying frantically to put them together for tomorrow. I was a Communication major because my all-nighter strength was in writing, not in textile construction! (That’s what my friends in Fashion Design are good at!)

BUT! I am not abandoning the idea by any means, and will keep you all posted when the pillows happen – because they absolutely will, I guarantee it… Just not the week before I go on vacation. :)

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