Speaking of jobs: are you into Social Media Strategy?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a bit about the experience of a friend of mine, who’s a job-seeker that isn’t even willing to give the time of day to social media. (That friend is still sans job, although mostly because of the holidays more than anything else.) Now I get to be immersed a bit in the complete opposite situation: Social Signal, the company I’ve worked for since last May, is hiring for a Social Media Strategist. The full job posting is over on their site, but here’s a bit of a good parts preview for you: an outline of the duties associated with this job:

As the ninth member of our team, you’ll work closely in Vancouver with Social Signal’s senior strategists to manage client engagements, create innovative online community strategies, and launch new social media projects. Your responsibilities will include:

  • managing client relationships
  • planning and managing projects
  • developing social media strategies as part of a team
  • writing engagement plans and engagement audits
  • developing estimates and writing proposals
  • creating Keynote/PowerPoint presentations and assisting in training
  • facilitating workshops and writing workshop reports
  • writing blog posts and white papers about social media

Thus far, I’ve been fairly mum about my work with Social Signal on this blog, but this definitely should not be taken as commentary on the company by any means: I love every single person that works here to pieces, and the work is amazing, engaging and incredibly meaningful. (It just so happens I work under the cone of silence.) I would definitely encourage anyone who feels like this would be up their alley to apply.

Best reasons to work here? Awesome, ultra-cool people doing kickass, inspiring, lovely work, and often with equally passionate clients.

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