My recent trip to Hong Kong/Macau/Thailand was the first time in a long time I’ve had a chance to indulge my typically dormant shutterbug. I attribute it to two things:

  • Having recently developed a bit of an eye for the curious world of urban design, transportation and city planning; and
  • Having a really, really excellent camera to take pictures with. (Thanks to Richard for the generous loan!)

iPhoto – which I only started using at the start of this trip, out of frustration with Flickr Uploadr and a lack of anything more professional, like Adobe Lightroom – says that I’ve taken 1164 photos since June 6th. Of that, I think about 350 of them have made it to Flickr publicly in total. I even bought a 4 GB Compact Flash card when I was there, since I didn’t have my laptop in Thailand.

The pictures that I took on my trip can be grouped under these broad themes (some tagged like so, conveniently, in my Flickr):

Shooting from moving vehicles seems to be one of those things I’ve done quite a few times, so I’ll be blogging about the fun logistics involved in doing that a bit later on. Meanwhile, here is one of my favorites from each of the above types:


From the tram

(click through for more, RSS readers….)


Fisherman's Wharf - 29


Dinner at that other beach



Tall Building

Base of the Bank of China building

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