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Transit Camp train continues to roll

Transit Camp continues to capture my interest and that of others:

  • Mark, working with the MetroLinx Transit Camp crew over in Toronto, announces the MetroNauts website and their meetings happening over the next little while (as featured in the Toronto Star). Their first event will be open for registration the day after tomorrow. Love the name! Joe Clark also weighs in on these developments on twitter.
  • Last month, just before I left for Toronto, I met with an interesting group called Envision Sustainability Tools, who are looking to learn more about the social media space in order to improve their service and online software offerings for long-term regional planning consultations with the public. (I’ve been told their website will be getting a refresh in the next while, so don’t judge them by their cover just yet.) I don’t know too much about what they’re up to, but I’m looking forward to learning more about it and seeing what unconference methods could contribute in their work.
  • As I mentioned, I met with TransLink last week.
  • There’s a bloke in Britain who’s mulling the benefits of PublicTransportCamp since the local transit scene is so happening already. Good on him and best of luck.
  • SPEC has also expressed interest in seeing more unconferences around transit or other issues.
  • Not quite as related to transit, but I was invited last week to give my social media take on things at a brainstorming session with the Vancouver Museum. I had no idea they were doing such amazing stuff. A trip will have to be in order for me.

One thing I notice is that when I talk to people about this, I’m more often than not talking to people who are older than me, instead of the people who are actually my age or even younger. At the same time, as I’ve pointed out recently to people who have talked to me about this, I and other Transit Camp organizers here in Vancouver don’t have quite the same capital – economic, social, human – that other Transit Camp organizers have been able to draw on in growing their communities.

I hope that didn’t sound whiny, because I certainly didn’t intend it to be – I’m doing what I can with what I’ve got, and I’m busy up the wazoo and learning how to deal with that. But I know it’s underpinning my hesitation to take the lead on things where Transit Camp is concerned here in Vancouver, and I hope I can get better at conveying to others why I am inspired – and who and what it is that inspires me – to work in this area.

I’m guessing my Honours will do a lot towards helping me to focus on that. So here’s me…going to go work on that Honours…yes, right now. :)

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