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Honours report presentation date

Just received word from my academic advisor – the date has been set for the honours presentations for this semester. It will be taking place at SFU Burnaby, on April 8th starting at 10am. This information will be posted on the SFU Communication website soon, I’m guessing.

I’m scheduled to be up at 10:40; in practice, this might start later. But the other presentations are pretty neat. I spoke to my supervisors today and we might swing something together to put it online (after the fact, probably not streaming – but I’ll see what we can work out) for anyone who can’t make it. The other honours projects are quite interesting – one on the music industry, one on Foreign Asian News coverage and its impacts in Canada, and one on music as a form of non-linguistic communication.

3 weeks exactly until I present. The countdown is on!

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  1. Did you still need someone to sit through your dry run?

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