DemoCampVancouver02, anyone?

I know my readership is much too tiny for me to be “promoting” anything, but in the event that someone’s reading my blog and nothing else that’s talking about it, DemoCampVancouver02 is happening tonight at 5:30 at Workspace on Water Street.

I’m glad I was able to connect the dots in my head and invite some of the people I’ve been talking to about transit to the DemoCamp. Some of them can’t make it, which is too bad because the format and the energy is undoubtedly pretty unique and I’m looking forward to getting my first full sampling of the Vancouver flava myself.

Meeting with a prof today to talk about the TransitCamp Honours. I’ve given myself a refresher on the Honours requirements and with a 40 to 50 page limit, I think I’ll barely be able to describe what TransitCamp really is (with full reference to all the concepts, their relevance, importance and origins). This probably isn’t the right project, and I may not be the right person, to do participatory action research on this topic. That said, I don’t rule anything out. I think I may have finally thought up a title.

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