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Tagged, and not in the ‘folksonomy’ sense

Sarah‘s spilled on her blog about five things that people don’t know about her, and for her trouble I’ve been tagged to do the same. What, the Intarwebs wants more disclosure? I guess this is the Intarweb’s way of reminding us that it doesn’t exist meaningfully unless we feed it with the contents of our hearts and souls.

  1. I like to trot this one out random moments during discussions about the medical establishment or unorthodox childhoods: I spent ages 7 to 12 in a back brace as treatment for scoliosis. Specifically 4 years in a Milwaukee brace and about 1 year in a Boston brace (though my Milwaukee brace, thankfully, was much less scary than the ones pictured on that website as I didn’t need as much stabilizing neck support – the bars just went over my shoulders across my collarbones). My time with the brace ended when I underwent a three-hour surgery at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver to install titanium rods to my spine. (No, I do not set off airport metal detectors.) The most exciting part of all of that, is answering that last question over and over again, and waking up two inches taller (once I could stand up again, that is).
  2. I picked up crocheting this April. I have so far finished crocheting a scarf. I am 80% through a shirt for my sister-in-law, but she was in Vancouver and I couldn’t measure her and wasn’t able to get her measurements, so I found out yesterday that I need to re-do just about all of it because she’s not as tiny as she used to be. Said sister-in-law also gave me a book, some yarn and needles for making socks. Too bad the book doesn’t have a knee-sock pattern, but surely it can’t be all that different. I am knitting up a test swatch. It is hard (2.5mm needles and all) – not very forgiving any n00b mistakes.
  3. My parents are big Carpenter fans. That’s why my name is Karen. They also showed me The Karen Carpenter Story, the TV movie which they recorded off the TV onto their Betamax, at the age of four. Body image hilarity ensued.
  4. I once consciously decided to stop being Buddhist for a guy. I now know that no relationship – indeed, perhaps even nothing at all – is worth such a sacrifice; and that anything that would ask this of me is worth even less.
  5. I have dabbled with many musical instruments (in chronological order: recorder, ukelele, trombone, guitar, a bit of drums, bass guitar) but have yet to find my True Love – you know, the one that I just can’t put down. My extended family is quite musically inclined, so this is kinda of shameful.

Now for the fun part – other people! Ummm….I choo-choo-choo-choose you! Sacha Chua, Noah, Sacha Peters, Katie, and if I may tag a minor celebrity, Donald Crowdis of Don to Earth – I shall have to correspond with him since there’s no way he reads my blog, but isn’t this the sort of star system that makes blogs great?

Hop to it, peeps! Once you’re done your nog, or your crazy tropical country multiple-week partying, that is.


  1. Oh man. I watched the Carpenters TV movie when I was about 10. It devastated me. And still, despite the dire warning it contained, if you’ve read my 5 things you’ll know that sometimes the warning ain’t enough. :)

    Posted December 25, 2006 at 3:55 am | Permalink
  2. Well I wrote my five things. It’s very revealing…I wonder if any Peggers are going to read it and start hating me.

    Posted January 7, 2007 at 3:52 am | Permalink
  3. Katie, if they do, if nothing else, you’ll come to know how much of your friendship is in supporting their view of you, not in you being true to yourself. And as our many past experiences attest, it’s better early than later with that sort of thing.

    Posted January 7, 2007 at 6:44 pm | Permalink
  4. Very true. =D

    Posted January 8, 2007 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

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