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What a September

Wow, is it the last week of September already? Time flies when you’re… doing anything but watching the time? Though I have been doing a lot of that too.


Firstly, the last couple weeks have seen me returning to the cooking of “week meals” – food productions that can last me for me for four lunch/dinner meals or more. Last week, an unexpected score of cheap organic eggplant meant an unorthodox but still yummy ground pork and eggplant lasagna with tomato sauce. This week, I made a Hong Kong-style borscht from tomato paste, carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes and chicken. I have extras of all the ingredients, which means this is likely to become a soup that I just keep on “expanding” on and eating for the whole week. I am excited.

In addition to cooking, I’ve also taken up another very girly exploit: crocheting. I’ve been noodling around with small projects for months, but I finally finished my first piece, an earthy-rainbow scarf, last Wednesday (pictures forthcoming). I bought a skein to start another project this week, but I’ve had trouble parsing the pattern so my work so far has had to be undone, and I’m also realizing that things like “gauge” and yarn weight actually domatter, so I’m wondering if I should find another project for this yarn. I feel a bit like I’m outgrowing the patterns in the Happy Hooker book I snagged to start, and I’ve only finished the one project! Thanks to the lovely ladies at Lettuce Knit and Maria for all their help getting me going.

Planning & Managing

Last Friday saw Sacha giving me some help getting RSS in emacs going. Unfortunately, I’ve since broken it again and might need to start from scratch re-building the edits we did together – luckily Sacha’s posted her patch for muse-journal to her blog, thanks heavens for uber-documentation. I also got planner going in muse and am going to have to look at how to get muse and planner projects co-habitating harmoniously, because it didn’t happen by default.

I’m glad I’ve got a semi-functional GTD system working with work e-mail–the first four emails in my Inbox are from the last 2 or 3 days, and everything after that is from August 21 and before, which means I’ve been fairly good about filing things in their place for the past while. The folder pile is huge, so I might start moving projects out to my archives, but it’s been something to hold onto in the storms of work of late.

Last week, I also had a very long talk with my manager that resulted in me taking a resolved stance to stop volunteering to do work I hate that I feel demeans me, and to concentrate on Web2.0, which others on my team are also getting really excited about. It hasn’t made work any easier or any decreased in volume, but it means. And that’s nice, after eight months of waiting to get in on something like this.


The end of the third week in my Sustainable Community Development class is fast approaching, and I’m really feeling inspired by what I’ve learned so far. It’s a survey class, which means a boatload of reading, but it’s nice to feel like a student again – and to have that be a good thing, not just meaning “second-class work resource.” I’m also going to be attending a telecon education session on the “learning path of an IT architect,” –interesting to me because I think I might end up working with a person with that title.

Upcoming things include:

  • one of hiking or Word on the Street tomorrow
  • DemoCamp on Monday
  • Nuit Blanche – I’m probably going to stop by the storyreading session by Yorkville branch of the TPL
  • Iceland in 3 weeks
  • My non-Toronto friend Ryan comes to town!

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