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Easy, stinky soup

Instead of telling you a fun story and linking-dropping a storm about Social Tech Brewing’s June event, I unfortunately have to report that I skipped off work early to buy groceries and cook myself soup in order to try and fight off the sore throat that’s been bugging me since yesterday. It’s made up of ingredients that few would eat on their own, let alone together, and it was the kind of soup my mom would make for me and herself when we were recovering from surgery and the doctor told us our iron was low. I was also able to cook it while slightly woozy in under an hour, so it definitely gets points for “easy,” as well as “stinky.”

I started with a big vat of water, chopped up some red leaf cabbage that I had left over, tossed in an entire bunch of spinach, a few cloves of garlic, a square of mushroom boullion, and finished it off with (are you ready for this) sliced liver.

You may all start gagging now.

(Oh, and almost all organic ingredients! I got the water from the tap though.)

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