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The state of being public and my triumphant return to blogging

After a little more than a month in Toronto, I’ve finally secured Internet access at my home. I am information poor no longer! I’m looking forward to being able to spend some more time working on this blog and its accompanying website, though my ability to pursue those activities hinge on whether I’ll be allowed to dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux on my company laptop.

Working For The Behemoth

I’ve given a lot of thought to the question of what role my day job should have in this blog. I’ve decided that, although I will tell bloggers that I meet in person who I work for, I will not be blogging about work at all. Which is kind of unfortunate because, although my feelings on it be mixed at the worst of times, there are some things I genuinely like about my work. However, between the fact that my employer actively promotes a rather closed culture of secrecy, and the fact that I’ve been told many times that I’m losing my indie cred by working at this company, I think I’ll leave work out of it. I will refer to the company on this site only by the title The Behemoth, and I would much appreciate those who do know where I work to not make mention of it in either comments on this blog or on their own sites.

The real shame about this is that the only place I feel “safe” blogging about work is to my Livejournal friends list–a limited audience that is interested but perhaps less able to comment than the general population, especially since being on Livejournal makes me sounds like a whining self-centred brat. Or simply inspires me to play one.

Public Persona

The decision to blog or not blog about work has given me an opportunity to think about the concept of public persona in general. The fun thing about blogging has always been its personability, the way people can mention their personal lives mere sentences from the work of their lives without it being completely out of context. Much of that has to do with personal writing style and intended audience, obviously–some people never mention anything but their work, just as many use their blogs to document personal arenas of their life to the exclusion of all else. (Then there are those blogs that are entirely in the realm of fantasy. I haven’t stumbled upon many of those yet, except maybe the fake celebrity blogs.)

Like many things, my position in this spectrum will undoubtedly emerge from trial and error. This blog also does exist in opposition to other things: namely, my Livejournal and my paper journal (as well as my work blog, but I don’t really write in there yet anyway). Hence, I am certain that I will be doing my best to distinguish this from the writing that happens in those areas, and just roll with it.

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