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About Karen

countably infinite is the mostly professional and abstractly personal blog of Karen Quinn Fung, a social media and communication researcher. In April 2009, she received a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. As of September 2009, she is in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Planning at the University of British Columbia at the School of Community and Regional Planning, with a concentration on Urban Design and Transportation Planning. She enjoys living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she also grew up after spending her early years in Hong Kong.

Her biggest claim to fame is helping to organize Vancouver Transit Camp (site currently down as of May 2008) in December 2007, based on a similar event that she attended in Toronto. (An article on the event featuring Karen appeared in the Vancouver Courier has more information.)

Her involvement and sheer fascination with the concept (fueled by going to BarCamps in Vancouver and Toronto) led her to focus her honours project on Toronto Transit Camp, looking at public engagement mechanisms and their enhancement through use of online collaborative and sharing tools. The honours project lives as a semi-permanent work in progress on this site.

Her research obsession as of September 2009 is open civic data.

Here are some other capsule biographies:

  • From late 2007:
    They say, the tall nail gets the hammer. As a quiet but contrary daughter of Hong Kong immigrants, Karen learned quickly to believe in what you love and run with it. Studying Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, she doggedly pursues everything that strikes her fancy – from technology, public transit, saving the world, urban planning, to local food systems and Buddhism – by letting her inner finger-painter roam free. In her spare time, she blogs at countably infinite and knits.

  • From spring 2008:

    Karen Quinn Fung strives to bring thoughtful enthusiasm and healthy interdisciplinary skepticism to all her encounters with technology at work and play. As of April 2008, she will have completed her undergraduate honours thesis at the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, studying how Internet-organized “unconference” events can help communities and transportation authorities to collaborate on urban transportation. Previously, she has interned at the IBM Toronto Software Development Lab with a corporate-wide design leadership organization, as well as at a local software development firm as a technical writer. She also assists in searching the impact of broadband Internet on rural, remote and First Nations communities in British Columbia. Her writing can be found online at countably infinite.

If you’re wondering where the name of this blog comes from, Wikipedia is your friend.